Parks and Recreation

The Risingsun Park is located at 550 Salem St.

The park Shelter House that can be rented for $150.00 a day, this includes the $75.00 deposit that is required to hold the date of your event.

Rental Rules:

  1. The rental is only good for the day you reserved it.
  2. Enter the building only on the morning of your event! No setting up prior to your reservation date.
  3. The park building is to be vacated by 1:15 a.m.
  4. Remove all items you brought with you for your event.
  5. Any items left in the building will be disposed of the next day!
  6. Leave the building clean (how you found it).  Trash bags provided for this purpose.
  7. A dumpster is provided for you to deposit these trash bags in (located in parking lot).
  8. Return all tables and chairs to their original positions before vacating the building. PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON TABLES!
  9. The Risingsun Community Park building is a non-smoking facility.  Please observe this rule.
  10. The renter renting the park building, not the village, is responsible when alcohol is on the premises.
  11. The renter must provide proof of a homeowner’s insurance libility coverage/rider to have alcohol on the premises. If you do not have this alcohol is prohibited!

Park Rental Agreement 2022

Rules and Regulations for renting the park building.

Park Rules
For more information call the Town Hall at 419-457-4435.