R2023-001 Resolution of Neccesity 4Y 1.3 Mill Levy Renewal (SIGNED)


R2022-001 Resolution to Hire a Court Magistrate Emergency
R2022-002 Resolution of Neccessity Street Lights (SIGNED)
R2022-003 Contract To Furnish Emergency Management Between Wood County and Risingsun (SIGNED CERTIFIED)
R2022-004 Resolution Accepting Amounts and Rates (SIGNED)


R2021-003 Resolution Accepting Amounts and Rates for 2022
R2021-004 Resolution of Necessity for Street Lighting


R2020-001 Village to Amend FY2020 Temporary Appropration
R2020-002 EMA Contract with Wood County EMA from 2000 thru 2021
R2020-003 Coronovirus Aid Funds
R2020-004 Renew the 5 Year 2.0 Mill Tax Levy for Street Repairs
R2020-005 Street Levy Certificate of Estimated Property Tax Revenue County
R2020-006 Ballot for NWWSD Latta vs Borck


R2019-649 Ratifying the Rules of Court, Bond Schedule, Fine Schedule, and Court Costs for Mayor Court
R2019-650 2019 Annual Appropriation