O2023-001 An Ordinance to ammend 2022-0011 as a supplement (signed)
O2023-002 An Ordinance to ammend 2022-011 Approp as a supplement for 2023 (SIGNED)
O2023-003 Amending Ordance 2022-011 as a Supplement to the 2023 Annual Appropriations


O2022-001 Ordinance to Ammend the 2021-016 Approp
O2022-002 Ordinance to ammend 2021-016 Appropriations (April Signed)
O2022-002 Ordinance to ammend 2021-016 Appropriations.pdf-004 (June Signed)
O2022-003 Tax Budget for Auditor for 2023 (SIGNED)
O2022-004 Ammending O2021-016 Annual Approprations (singed)
O2022-005 Blanket purchase order Limit (SIGNED)
O2022-006 Ordinance Establishing Pay Scale for Village Employees (SIGNED)
O2022-007 Ammend 2021-016 Appropriations (SIGNED)
O2022-008 Assess Special Assessments for Street Lighting (SIGNED CERTIFIED)
O2022-009 Ammend 2021-016 as a Supplement to the 2022 Annual Appropriations (signed)
O2022-010 Ordinance Adopting the 5 Year Recovery Plan (signed)
O2022-011 2023 Ordance Adopting Permanent Annual Appropriations for Current and Other Expenditures (signed)
O2022-012 Ordinance Ammending 2021-016 and Rescind Sections of 2022-009 (signed)


O2021-002 2021 Codified Administraitive Code
O2021-003 2021 Codified Traffic Codes
O2021-004 2021 Codified General Offense Codes
O2021-006 Revising 2020-013 to Appropriate Remaining CARES Act Funds
O2021-007 Ammendent O2021-013 2021 ANNUAL APPROP SIGNED
O2021-008 Tax Budget
O2021-009 Fiscal Officer to Deposit Money within 3 Days
O2021-010 Open Fund 2152 for COVID Funds
O2021-011 Ammend 2020-013 2021 Annual Approp
O2021-012 Ordinance to Assess Street Lighting
O2021-013 Approve and Adopt a Record Retention Policy
O2021-014 Ordiance To Ammend 874 Credit Card Policy
O2021-015 Ordinance To Adopt Financial Recovery Plan 2021
O2021-016 Ordinance Adopting Permanent Annual Appropriation For 2022
O2021-017 Ammend 2020-013 For 2021 Appropriation


O2020-001 Adopting and Enacting 2020 Administrative Code
O2020-002 Adopting and Enacting 2020 Traffice Code
O2020-003 Adopt and Enact 2020 General Offense Codes
O2020-004 Permenant Approprations 2020
O2020-005 Phase 2 Street Lights Update
O2020-006 Supplement to 4903 for Police Vests
O2020-007 Estimated Rev Signed
O2020-008 Appropriation Amending 2020-004
O2020-010 Adopting the Financial Recovery Plan
O2020-011 Establish CARES Act Fund 2151
O2020-012 Establish Court Computerization Fund 2904
O2020-013 Perm Approp for 2021
O2020-014 Supplement to 2020 Appropriation and Transferring Funds
O2020-015 Ordinance to Set Hourly Pay Range
O2020-016 Amending 2020-14 2020 Appropriation
O2020-017 Amending 016 2020 Appropriations


O2019-871 Pay Range and Conpensation for all Hourly Employees
O2019-872 – Pay Range and Compensation for Salaried Employees
O2019-873 Income Tax
O2019-873 Appendix – Title 9 Chapter 181 Municipal Income Tax


Ordinance 761 Fence Ordinance